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Our Executive Team

Running Pharmaceutical sales operations for more than 25 years

Our core team has been doing pharmaceutical sales operations together for more than 25 years. We understand from first-hand experience what it’s like for our clients each day to speak with HCPs or manage sales teams. We know what it’s like to develop and present the IC plan or to field questions about a new business intelligence deliverable or brief commercial leaders. That first-hand experience, along with our unique operating model creates a strong day-to-day working relationship with our clients.

We launched Mosaic in 2010 to provide the kind of commercial operations support we wanted when we were in the same roles as our clients. We wanted a partner who would be creative, proactive, flexible and who would take an ownership interest in our success. As owners we have a unique incentive to work for the success of each client.

Minh Huynh 2021
Minh Huynh
Mark Hastings 2021
Mark Hastings
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Jack Mathews
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Rob Kime
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Ty Sadler
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